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WHEAT: “Good bread is a great need in poor homes, and often-times the best appreciated luxury in the homes of the very rich.”

The exotic collection of company’s superior wheat grains and whole grains variety is the perfect choice of every household. The wholesome Indian wheat grains are rich in taste and nutrition.

The wheat we export or retail, goes through different levels of cleaning making sure that it is free from all impurities and any contaminated materials. To supply the perfect cereal:

  • Hopper scales are used to remove coarser impurities, fine sleeves are used to remove chaff and straw, stones are removed by passing wheat over short openings, discs or cylinders are used to remove seeds short or longer than wheat, magnetic separators are used to remove metals and dry scouring is done to remove adhering dirt.
  • The wheat is then washed in water to further remove dirt and some water is added to the grain making it desirable for the milling operation.
  • Cleaning operation concludes with aspiration (blowing of air through the grain).
  • Further, the cleaned wheat is fed for quality milling.

We are one of the leading exporters of Milling wheat and Machine clean wheat. Our Milling wheat is exported widely and has a large number of satisfied customers throughout the country and abroad.

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