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To ensure an invigorating cup of the noblest quality, our master hands are working right from its plantation to the final aroma.

Sri Munisuvrata Agri International Ltd. took over Octavius Group and Industries Limited-one of the proudest names in the Indian Tea History. The company owns the finest gardens in the Dooars-Sylee and Nya Sylee Tea Estates, West Bengal spread across 2400 hectares (area under tea plantation) have an annual yield of 2 million kgs of tea. The company possesses an independent set up of HACCP and ISO22000:2005 certified processing and packaging units.

Freshly plucked leaves are brought to the factories situated at our gardens, for processing into “CTC leaf” and “Dust Tea”. To give you the best, we make sure that every step involved in the tea making process is done to perfection.

Plucking: Proper plucking of our Tea leaves is as unique as its flavour. As true quality is inherent in a good raw material (Tea Leaf), great emphasis is given to plucking. Special flavours are generated by maintaining fine plucking standards.

Withering: As known, in planter’s perception, “Withering makes or mars the tea”. Being one of the most important tea processing steps, the desired quality in tea manufacturing is ensured by maintaining the desired level of withering.

Fermentation: A great deal of attention is paid to regulate the temperature, humidity and the duration of fermentation to ensure that the flavour of the tea remains intact.

Firing/Drying: To get the best quality of our tea, the tea leaves are fired at optimally regulated temperature. Good care is taken not to over-cook the leaves as the process of drying of the produced tea is responsible for addition of flavor to the tea.

Grading: Grading is done by sifting through meshes with a lot of care so that the teas are sorted into different shapes and sizes perfectly.

Weighing and Packing: Close inspection is done while the teas are weighed and packed into tea chests or paper sacks or poly pouches for retailing and exports.

Sri Munisuvrata Agri International Ltd. can legitimately take the credit of recognizing the importance of Tea Bags for the Tea market. Our Tea Bag manufacturing unit is fully automated with sophisticated machineries from Germany, Italy and Argentina which lend an exquisite and enviable finish to the products.

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