Sesame Seeds



Sesame seeds are one of the oldest seeds known to mankind. The sesame seed has excellent nutritional value.

Sesame seeds add a unique, nutty flavour with a crunchy sensation to a variety of foods. Their small size and texture make sesame seeds the best choice for topping breads, bread-sticks and buns.

Sri Munisuvrata Agri International Ltd. is one of the regular suppliers of Sesame Seeds in overseas market. We’ve got dedicated Quality Control segment which maintains the highest hygiene standards and takes care of each and every aspect as follows:

  • Since sesame is a small flat seed, it is difficult to dry it after harvest because the small seed makes movement of air around the seed difficult. Therefore, the seeds are harvested as dry as possible and stored at 6 percent moisture or less. If the seed is too moist, it can quickly heat up and become rancid.
  • After harvesting, the seeds are well-cleaned and hulled by passing through an air separation stage to remove any foreign particles and then are passed through an electronic colour-sorting machine that rejects any discoloured seeds to ensure perfectly coloured sesame seeds. This is done to ensure consistent appearance of these seeds, thus improving its quality. Immature or off-sized seed is removed but saved for oil production.


The standard grades of Sesame Seeds available with us are as follows:

  • Natural Sesame 99% Machine Clean
  • Natural Sesame 99.5% Sortex Clean
  • Hulled Sesame Seeds 99.5% Sortex Clean
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