Meals (Rape, Soya, Rice Bran)



Soyabean and Rapeseed holds a very important position in the Indian agriculture and economy. Indian soya meal is considered to be one of the premium soya meals and the European and Asian countries prefer to use it than any other soya meal. India exports approximately 65% of the total soya meal produced and have turned out to be one of the largest exporters of Soyabean Meal and Rapeseed Meal usually to the Asian countries like South Korea, Thailand, Philippines and Japan.

We provide you the best quality Soyabeans / Rapeseeds and its meal products at best rates despite the volatilities in the market by taking care of the factors that influence the market like:

• Weather most importantly during the pod bearing period.
• Prices of the competitive commodities including oils.
• Movement in prices in the international market.
• Pests and diseases.
• Fundamentals of the feed sector.
• Crush margin.
• Infections affecting poultry and cattle.

We are bulk exporters of soyabean and Rapeseed meal, shipping about 150,000 MT a year to various countries in Bulk & PP Bags packing.

Our main shipping ports for the same are Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Bedi (Jamnagar, Gujarat), Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Kandla (Gujarat). We have our own warehousing capacities at ports to store cargo therein which ensures shipments as per schedules.

Besides soyabean meal, we also deal in sunflower extraction, rice bran etc.

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