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COFFEE: “We make serious coffee – so strong it wakes up even your neighbours.”

Our Coffee division was established in the year 1986 presently having coffee plantations in Coorg District in Karnataka, is known for the best quality of coffee grown in the country. The plantations are ably supported by curing facilities at Kushalnagar with 20,000 MT PA capacity.

Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world and India is one of the very few countries to produce both Arabica and Robusta coffee. Grown mainly in the southern part of the country, Indian coffee has a growing international reputation.

To create a perfect cup of coffee, we grow it, pluck it and process it for you. Selective harvesting is done with special attention to carefully hand pick only the ripened berries. Natural fermentation is done to maximize flavour development thereby achieving a high standard of quality. To develop the colour and flavour in the bean, soaking is done of the washed beans under fresh water over night and slow drying is done under natural lights. To improve the quality of coffee, grading of coffee beans at curing level involves separation of beans according to size, shape and density followed by meticulous garbling done with precision. The company has increased its sales by 6 % from last year’s sales and is stepping up the ladder with the endeavor to improvise on the same.

We take utmost attention while preparing the finest coffee, since, it is no longer a humble bean of indistinct origin and deserves to be vowed as gourmet coffee in the discerning cups making us amongst major coffee traders with annual global sales of about US$ 25 million.

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