In compliance with the Government policies along with supply and demand situation, Sri Munisuvrata Agri International Ltd. imports and exports a variety of strategic commodities.

  • Coking Coal: India which is the fourth largest steel producer accounting for 5% of the world’s crude steel output is also the fourth biggest importer of metallurgical coal. It imported nearly 30-32 million MT in 2012. Met Coal is purchased entirely by state owned mills, private mills and coke makers from Australia, USA , Canada, Mozambique & Russia. Sri Munisuvrata Agri International Ltd. nearly imports 2, 00,000 MT of coal every year to cater various steel mills and coke producers in the Eastern India.
  • Thermal Coal: India is the third largest producer of coal with 588 million MT production in 2012. Today’s scenario is such that the domestic production is insufficient to cover the country’s fast growing needs-both for electric power producers and steel manufacturers. The majority of India’s import comes from Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, and Canada. Coal being the primary source of energy in India has set the bar of thermal coal imports to raise as the country overviews its per capita power consumption to increase. Sri Munisuvrata Agri International Ltd. is also in talks with some of the miners in Indonesia for off take agreements for regular supply of coal for Indian market.
  • Anthracite Coal: It is the hardest and most brittle of all coals and when burnt, produces more heat than any other coal. It accounts only 1% of the total Coal Reserves in the world. Among the current producers – Russia, China and Ukraine have the largest estimated reserves of Anthracite. Recently, Sri Munisuvrata Agri International Ltd. has become an exclusive selling agent of one of the Ukraine producers of Anthracite coal.
  • Met Coke: India is the fourth largest producer of met coke. Coke is an essential raw material for many industries and is used as a primary fuel in industries like soda ash plant, calcium carbide producers, ferro alloys, cement plants and mini steel plants. Integrated steel plants are the biggest consumers accounting for about 70% of the market. India imports mainly from China, Columbia, Ukraine and Russia. Sri Munisuvrata Agri International Ltd. supplies regularly to various ferro alloys and steel consumers in Eastern India.
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